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Application for airport authorization card

To be able to apply for services below, you will need a business agreement with the airport. Please contakt security manager by mail if you need to sign an agreement.



  • Badge 450 SEK/year and badge
  • Access card, inserted in the system when existing card apply (landside only) 450 SEK/year and card
  • Replacement card for lost card 500 SEK/new badge
  • Cost for not returning badge after teminated employment/membership 450 SEK/badge/per year for 3 years

Vehicle permit

  • Permit for vehicles inside the airport area, valid for specific vehicle. 1.500 SEK/year and vehicle
  • Replacement vehicle permit to replace lost permit 500 SEK /permit

Driving permit and training

  • Driving training to drive on service roads at airside 1.500 SEK/person
    Driving training to drive on apron and service roads 2.000 SEK/person
    Driving training to drive on apron and manuevering area 2.500 SEK/person

Prices applies for training of a minimum of 2 participants. Prices for only 1 participant per session is twice the price. Price including cbt-training.


Prices are excluding VAT

Pricelist is valid from 2022-11-15 until further notice. Midlanda Flygplats AB reserves the right to change the prices with immediate effect in case of changes in the security regulations or similar.

Click here to open the application form Pdf, 419.3 kB, öppnas i nytt fönster.